Waste to Energy


Nuvo-NG has been involved in projects in the Caribbean for the last 10 years and has established strong relationships within the private and public sector. Nuvo-NG is also heavily invested in developing Waste to Energy (WTE) projects in the Caribbean, specifically, in both Jamaica and Grenada, and works in partnership with Wright Technology’s organic waste processing system and renewable energy solution. 

These Waste to Energy projects entail re-directing solid waste from landfills to a facility, where the organics are separated from the non-organics, the former are then converted to a biomass, which can be used as a fuel to generate electricity that can be provided to the national grid. This renewable energy program utilizes no fossil fuels, has zero emissions and a zero carbon footprint. Nuvo-NG is versed in the waste management issues of the region and provides a scaleable infrastructure that offers the most environmental solution to dealing with the garbage issue.

The versatility of the solution is what sets us apart.  The technology allows for the management of all organic waste including:  municipal solid waste, sewage sludge, food waste, agricultural/ bagasse/ dunder/ vinasse, landscaping trimmings, and even medical/hospital waste.  The system meets EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) 40 CFRPT 503 (bio-solids pathogen destruction, etc.) and does not emit either particulate emissions or noxious gases, making it the most efficient environmental solution in the waste to energy industry.