Natural Gas


Nuvo-NG has been involved in over 30 LNG and CNG project analyses and implementations for projects all over the World (Vietnam, South Africa, Mediterranean, North and South America, Caribbean and Middle East). They have been involved in studying the viability of using Natural Gas as an alternative fuel and advising on regulations needed to ensure the safety and secure use of this alternative fuel in country.

Nuvo-NG was the engineering partner of the Consortium that originally proposed to build own and operate a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) “virtual pipeline” system to supply natural gas to the JPS Bogue power plant in 2014. The proposed process included transporting CNG from a U.S. supply point, via ships, and delivering the product in specialized Composite Reinforced Pressure Vessels (CRPVs) to a land-based storage facility at the Montego Bay Port, whereby the CNG would then have been decompressed and transported via pipeline to the JPS Bogue power plant. 

Nuvo-NG has also provided LNG consulting services to various mining facilities in Jamaica who were looking at converting their facilities from being powered by heavy fuel oil (HFO) to LNG. This included infrastructure and engineering design at both the plant level and for the supply and transportation of LNG to the required location.